DigiRAMP Pro Account

Manage and Monetize Assets and Rights
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Pro Account Features & Benefits

Clients who can use the DigiRAMP Pro features:
• Record Labels, Catalog owners, Publishers, Music Supervisors, Ad Agencies, Artists, Producers, Prod. Companies and Brands all promoting, securing or managing content.
• Independent music creators/owners seeking to monetize their works and rights

Pro features include:
• Organize/register rights in standard industry format  - supports PRO's interexchange of catalog info w/ all import and export options

• Affordable, easy assets and rights management tools and access to marketplace
• Promote, market and connect to a global audience and customer base B2B and B2C
• Distribute content to all social media platforms: Facebook/Twitter/Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn et al
• Licensing & Distribution to commercial, and retail  channels (DSPs)
• Music Supervisors/ Film & TV / iTunes / Ads, Commercials
• Manage private and public opportunities
• Access to vast amount of content and providers;
• Unique search tools – advanced and simple to use
• Easy clearance, licensing, smart contracts/ registration of cue sheets
• Digital asset transfer and download – Fast and flexible delivery system
• Create Pro Account Users with roles and specific permissions

DigiRAMP Opportunity Engine

Control your content & manage your customers

• Powerful “Opportunity” Engine; create, share requests 
• Manage and share received submissions with specific authorized Pro Account users
• Robust CRM Module with complete Customer Management Tools
• Verify Copyright Registration and Accounting 
• Access compiled real-time statistics of all user activity/engagement/behavior and big data analytics

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