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A fun hip hop song for comedy spots.


When you’ve got bachelorhood down to the point that it’s on autopilot, what’s the fastest way to bring your cruise-controlled lifestyle crashing to a halt?

Starring television icon John Stamos (“Full House”, “ER”), written and produced by Emmy and WGA Award-nominated writer/producer Daniel Chun ("The Simpsons", The Office") and produced by Dan Fogelman ("Crazy Stupid Love", "Galavant") and Stamos, UNT STAMOS PROJECT is a single-camera comedy about what happens when a man’s flashy life is invaded by an old flame and a son he never knew he had. Oh, and a granddaughter.

Restaurateur and consummate bachelor JIMMY MARTINO (Stamos) is used to being the suavest, handsomest, most unattached person in the room. He talks about wishing he had a family, but at this point he can’t tell if he means it or if it’s all part of the act. But that all becomes moot with the sudden appearance of his adult son and eccentric, geeky opposite, GERALD LEWIS, and his baby daughter, EDIE.
Now Jimmy has to unlearn a lifetime of blissful selfishness and grapple with the fact that he went straight from single to grandfather in six seconds flat. Showing up to keep tabs on his progress (or lack thereof) is SARA LEWIS, Gerald's mother and Jimmy's old flame, who was perfectly happy living a Jimmy-free existence. Equally concerned about these new developments are the folks at Jimmy’s restaurant, especially chef KEN and assistant manager ANNELISE.

Can Jimmy teach Gerald to be a little more like him in order to win the affection of Edie's hot mess of a mom, VANESSA? Will Jimmy and Sara fall back in love even though she’s the one thing he never dates – a woman his own age? Will Jimmy be able to juggle his new family with his restaurant family? Who’s higher maintenance, Jimmy or the baby? UNT STAMOS PROJECT is an unconventional family, workplace, and romance show about complex relationships, uncomfortable emotions, and coming of age – at any age.

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