Who Is Ari Sherman

Ari Sherman

Creative Advertising, Strategy &
Business Development


Ari Sherman is a modern-day “Mad Man:”
he’s a leading creative advertising and branding professional whose creativity has
contributed to billions of dollars in sales. If you remember “Gump Happens”
then you know some of Ari’s work. 


He consults as a
creative director, writer, strategist, team-builder and business development
lead for a range of businesses. He’s worked on large media campaigns for Hollywood
studios, television networks, advertising agencies, content creators, marketing
consultants, and cutting-edge businesses in many sectors. This work ranges from
creative advertising for movies like Forrest
and Titanic to creative branding
and advertising for Music, a new Retail concept, Real Estate and the Arts.


However he’s much
more than that in terms of his engagement as both a creative artist and a
well-connected professional in the creative and business communities of
Southern California for years. 


In his creative
advertising practice, his campaigns have gone to finish in print, television,
theatrical trailers, outdoor advertising and digital for major studios and
internationally recognized brands. In addition he has worked in positioning,
creative concepts and brand development as well as social media, public
relations, consumer advertising and retail launches.


Ari recently
consulted for a number of non-profits, including Music
Is Hope Foundation
. His
efforts on their behalf included writing a new mission statement, supervising and
creating content for Public Relations and social outreach. He co-created a
video for the Foundation’s release of Julian Lennon’s version of “Summertime”
with Meninos Do Morumbi - along with blogs, their press release, and landing
page for the “Summertime” release. Ari also managed, curated, created and
disseminated content for their Facebook page and Twitter
account, the handle for which is @MusicIsHopeFndn.


Continuing with decades of work with Hollywood, Ari recently
worked on or is working on big entertainment properties, which includes
Disney’s The Jungle Book (set for release in 2016), as well as shows such as
TNT’s The Last Ship, Spike’s
mini-series Tut, Veep, True Detective and
Silicon Valley
. Another is Endless
, a movie advertising campaign for which he created the key creative
advertising message: “Say Goodbye to Innocence.”


He has also recently created or contributed to campaigns for True Blood, Spiderman III, starring
Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire, among many others.


Formerly the
Vice-President, Associate Creative Director and Sr. Copywriter of the LA office
of Frankfurt Gips Balkind. His contributions in this position to print, trailer
and TV campaigns were instrumental in the success of dozens of theatrical film
releases and television shows, driving billions in revenue.


Among the most
memorable and successful of these campaigns are Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, The
Grinch, A Beautiful Mind, Titanic, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, What Lies
Beneath, Golden Eye, Signs, Braveheart, Office Space, The Manchurian
Candidate, Star Trek VI, The Name Of The Father, Lost Highway, Wolf,
Dead Presidents, Space Jam, To Die For
and Backdraft.


notable projects include rebranding, advertising and strategy for Leiber &
Stoller’s music publishing company, as well as Skinmarket Retail stores,
Palisades Development Group, The United Nations and consumer product campaigns.
In addition he wrote The Getty Center film “Artworks: The Getty Center and
Beyond” and, more recently, has worked as a consultant for several non-profit organizations
and companies.


A Los Angeles
native, Ari comes to business with range of creative interests, with a growing
business network and with a passion for public service.


He’s a lifelong
poet, green activist and academic who has taught at UC Davis, Pitzer College, Mt.
San Antonio College and CSUN. He has also guest lectured, led workshops and
participated in panels at several other schools and business-related groups.


In his college
days, Ari did creative stage lighting in clubs for bands which include: Paul
Butterfield Blues Band, Mary Wells, Papa John Creech, James Cotton, Willie
Dixon and Billy Vera and the Beaters.


Ari serves as a
hands-on Board Member for Social Media Club, Los Angeles, a chapter of the
national Social Media Club, on the team for sponsorship.  He serves as an ongoing Mentor for Pay it
Forward for Business, featuring both networking and mentoring. Ari also founded
the networking organization called Do No Harm or Do Better, a
group designed not only to connect people with distinctive outlooks and stories
to share, but to provide an opportunity to network with others interested in
having a social impact.  Ari is active in
the creative, startup and business communities in Los Angeles, with active
participation in Green
Business Networking, Digital LA and a variety of other groups in Silicon Beach
and Hollywood.