Dirty Jerz


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on May 12, 1976, (the year of the Dragon), Dirty Jerz was destined for stardom.
This lyrically phenomenal New Jersey MC had an ear for music. Dirty Jerz is one of the main ingredients
of the platter called hip hop. As an essential element to this project, Dirty
Jerz has been recording hits at the speed of lightning and writing for himself
as well as others along the way.
 Dirty Jerz , will be exploding all over
the airwaves sooner than later and at that point the entire world will get a
taste of the man they call "Dirty Jerz". Determined to bring back the
old school element of hip-hop and restore a seemingly dying genre of music, the
words "settling for less" are just not in his vocabulary. With his
latest hits and newest singles entitled, "Enter the Cannon" and
"Run", Jerz is shaking up the hip-hop world and taking it by storm.
You'll hear more on Dirty Jerz" sooner than later so you keep your ears
peeled before you get left out of the loop. To hear music, view pictures and
read more, take a ride on Jerzy Drive!!

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