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In 2015 we have arrived at an important changing of the guard an almost
new gateway to the way we interact and do business with each other. For
me a 32 year veteran of the entertainment industry it is a shifting from
one age to another... the Age of Aquarius to be precise. The
constellation of Aquarius is all about sharing and so my business
mandate is all about being "selfless" wherever possible and giving back
to the community having experienced the good fortune of leading a
charmed life with a blessed career in film, television and music. I have
amassed a vast amount of workable knowledge in all things "music and
entertainment" on a global scale, and for the first time I'm making my
track record and experience readily available to those who have awakened
from the shackles of their conformity and are ready to embrace their
inner self to take their careers to the next level. The only way we can
truly change is to recognise in ourselves who we are and what it is that
we desire the most and then take steps to alter our course in life. On a
strictly black and white business level I humbly make the following

Throughout 2014 I noticed that a lot of the new wanna be's are just not
getting through anymore and that a lot of industry pro's are shunning
these people due to their lack of experience, lack of knowledge and
unrealistic expectations as to what to expect from an industry that lost
it's clout years ago. This is a good thing! Today I associate and work
with players who have proven track records and have something to show
for their efforts and that my friends takes time. There are no short
cuts to this business and now more than ever you need to get it right
the very first time and that means dotting every i and crossing every t
from the get go. I couldn't be happier with my place in the game today
and welcome serious and dedicated industry pro's to get in touch. My
unique psychedelic band, Transference has grown exxponentialy over the
last 12 months and signing an international record deal with global
distribution and real marketing support has proven once again that good
music will always find it's place and sell.

In my 32 years of experience I have exclusively produced local and
internationally syndicated television formats like, Blastzone TV Series
(13) x (26) episodes and the (65) x (26) episodes of Not Recommended
Behaviour for local networks and international broadcasters which
include, Fox Sports, Channel 4, MTV, Varsity Television, Channel 5, Sky
TV, Sports Unlimited, Extreme Sports Channel (UK), Globosat in Sth
America and Red Bull International etc. In addition I have developed,
packaged and exclusively managed many major artists, writers and
producers for different artist related projects over my extensive career
in the entertainment industry. A new chapter selflessly opens today....


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Michael Puskas  over 5 years ago
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Waiting on a Miracle (Main Mix)

Waiting on a Miracle (Main Mix)

Julia Maria

A delicious painting of magical moments presented with folk and rock elements...

Waiting on a miracle 1.6 main 112614oz6v1.3
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Michael Puskas  over 5 years ago
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Everything Is Alive

Everything Is Alive

Julia Marie

A dreamy song about self-discovery which explodes into epic realization that everything is alive.

Everything is alive 4.0 main 031814tr m
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Michael Puskas  over 5 years ago
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I Want Her

I Want Her

Blind Truth

A big pop dance track in the vein of Katy Perry that has a good EDM feel good vibe about it. Delivered with a powerful female vocal with a strong hooky chorus and identifiable lyrics with today's modern woman.

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