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Toni Ann Semple


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Imagine . . .
the passion of fire, the gentle embrace of calm whispering winds, the soul
stirring force of many waters, and the regality of majestic mountains all
embodied in one artist . . . this is the essence of TONI ANN SEMPLE – Singer, Song
writer, Producer extraordinaire.

Given to us
on September 21, was a truly beautiful, and amazingly humble yet powerful
Native/African American Queen from Queens, NY, TONI ANN SEMPLE.  Toni Ann is a sensational vocalist and
musician whose music is innovative and refreshing.  Her audiences experience irresistible and engaging aural dynamics that move and enamor them.  Toni Ann’s music is the pure and unadulterated essence of her
soul that she unselfishly and vigorously shares with the world to groove,
uplift, heal, and encourage all whom receive it.

Born of the
Cherokee and Mohawk Nations, Toni Ann’s undeniably
Strong Native American physical features – her deeply alluring eyes, her
flowing jet black wavy hair, and her high accented cheek bones, and delicate
lips - are not the only uniquely stunning attributes that distinguish this
phenomenal artist from her peers.  A
large part of what makes Toni Ann’s music so
distinct is how she successfully blends the nuances of the Native American
music of her heritage with the other various styles of contemporary music she
embraces, such as Soul, funk, Jazz, R & B, and even a little Pop.

Gifted with
the ability to self-teach, Toni Ann learned to read and write music on her own,
enhanced her vocal artistry, honed her guitar chops, learned to play piano,
trumpet, Native American flute, and developed quite the knack for laying down
percussion (though not an official drum player).  Having marshaled all her skills together Toni
Ann began making the kind of ‘noise’ that
delighted the ear of music fans and renowned musicians as well.

Toni Ann’s incredible vocal abilities have been well received
by audiences and the industry the world over. 
Toni’s voice has been sought after and
employed by the incomparable WILL DOWNING, the hugely successful AL B. SURE,
Grammy Award winning Bassist extraordinaire and Producer TOM BARNEY, Bassist
FREDDIE CASH, Jazz Pianist MARK ADAMS, Music Director MERLENE WARD, Producer
FORD CONNECTION.  Toni also has several
domestic tours under her belt, and has toured several times in Japan with the
mega sensational TOSHI KANKAWA.

In addition
to her live gigs, Toni Ann Semple’s debut album
release “FOR ME”, was warmly
received in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other parts of
Europe.  Toni’s songs from that album, such as the singles “For Me”, “Summer Breeze”, and “Sit Back and
Relax” still enjoy play in rotation on several radio stations
around the world.

Toni Ann New
Projects will introduce to the world a ground-breaking musical experience.  On this projects Titled “MY SPIRIT”, Toni Ann is
working with industry Bassist juggernaut MR. TOM BARNEY (Steely Dan, Lauren
Hill, Mary J. Blige, Miles Davis, Tania Maria, David Sanborn, Michael Jackson,
etc.) and renowned Music Promoter and musician MR. MORACE LANDY (Atlantic
Records).  Toni Ann is positive and
optimistic that the various vibrations she emits will have mass appeal.  After all, her music, like love itself, is
universal and inclusive, not elitist or exclusionary.  

Powerful and
driving Native American drums and percussions, melodic vocals gently textured
with stirring chanting and tight and innocuously intricate harmonies, sultry
rhythms, killer bass lines, electrifying guitar presence, and bright and
ethereal instrumentation are amongst the ingredients Toni Ann combines in
various ways to masterfully serve up a Smorgasbord of audio euphoria for us to
feast on.  This very talented Singer,
Song Writer, Musician and Producer, TONI ANN SEMPLE, is humbled and abundantly
joyous for the opportunity to share with you, through her music, her very
essence, passion, culture, heritage, and soul . . . and they await your



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Toni Ann Semple  over 8 years ago
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Song From My Project "My Spirit" CD 2015

08 mystified
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Toni Ann Semple  over 8 years ago
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Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Toni Ann Semple

Song From My "For Me" CD 2010, Co-Written by Will "Prez" Bush. Engineered by Wil Pena.

Summer breeze
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Toni Ann Semple  over 8 years ago
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How Do I Talk To You

How Do I Talk To You

Toni Ann Semple

Song from My Project "My Spirit" CD 2015

02 how do i talk to you
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Toni Ann Semple  over 8 years ago
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I Can't Help It

I Can't Help It

Toni Ann Semple

Song From My Project "My Spirit" CD 2015

01 i can t help it