DigiRAMP is building a cutting-edge development team. Some work in-house and some are domain experts only working on dedicated outsourced tasks.  Contact us if you are interested in joining an amazing team: https://digiramp.com/contact

Server provisioning / Infrastructure Chef

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We are using Chef https://www.chef.io/ to manage our infrastructure.

You can provide us with new scripts as the company grow. And maintain the current scripts

Code documentation. Automated test. Patents

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You are UML savvy and like to read complex code. You love how to write technical documentation and have good communication skills. You will work with our corporate lawyer on patents applications 

Research and Development

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You will profile emerging technologies and find the right tools, frameworks and programing languages for the future. You will also make proof of concept applications and help the team migrate existing code.

UX / Interaction Designer

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You will work on constantly improving the workflows and how the interface is presented to the end user.

You will work with users and user feedback.

You will deliver wireframes to the rest of the team.

Database captain

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As our database grow and our system scales you will be responsible for Speed. Security. Data integrity and that DigiRAMP is migrating to the the best suited platform for our needs. Search algorithm and indexing will also be your responsibility

ROR Workhorse

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DigiRAMP is currently build with Ruby on Rails. You will work with optimization. Refactoring and implementation of new features. 
You will work with external CSS nerds and be provided with SDD's and wireframes. R&D will move you towards new technologies all the time