About DigiRAMP

DigiRAMP was founded by software architect, Max Grønlund and music business veteran, Peter Rafelson to reinvent the way creators and music business professionals interact and transact. The moment an account is created on DigiRAMP, an artist is automatically set up with their own store, label and publishing company to run their business, the same way larger companies do. Once you enter all your information, you get your own store and you can sell or do business with anyone you want – directly and transparently. Within one minute you can be legal, professional and start making money with your own business. Connect directly with fans and industry professionals; build your own network for commerce and grow your audience reach. The Opportunities are available for submissions from anyone free of cost.  If you are a lager company DigiRAMP offers a "Pro" account to manage multiple catalogs and users.

For PR, media, business and investment inquiries, please use the contact form provided here: https://digiramp.com/contact


Peter Rafelson, Co-Founder

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Peter is a music executive, media producer, technologist and entrepreneur with determination and dedication to build successful and sustainable business.

Max Groenlund, Co-Founder

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Max is a software architect who has always been up to date with the latest cutting edge technologies and principles for good software designs and efficient development processes.